30-Year-Old-Roof has been replaced

Ness County Bank Building Gets a New Roof
Ness County Bank Building Gets a New Roof

“The Ness County Bank Building has had their roof replaced after 30 years. Signs of damage to the inside of the building made the project a top priority to the board members: Ila Fritzler, president, Jon Hawkinson, Cinda Flax, Brent Kerr, Gary Gantz, Keith Burditt, Jr., Deb Stenzel, Debbie Gravenstein and Shaunda Vogel. Pictured above is the crew of D. V. Douglass Roofing, Inc. of Garden City working on the project. Recently, the board asked residents and businesses to help with their cause. About $20,000 was raised through donations and then some other rather large memorials left to the Ness County Bank Building Foundation helped with the $50,000 price tag for a new roof.

Having a historic building costs money every month, so if you haven’t donated to this project, there’s still time to give to the foundation. Just contact a board member and I’m sure they would be able to help you with your donation.

Ness Count has a very beautiful building inside and out that I hope will be around for many generations to come.”

This post is placed with permission from the Ness County News. The story was published in the November 26, 2020, Vo. 137 – No. 1 issue.

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